The cookbook of the moment: “The Minnesota Table” (Voyageur Press, $25). Author Shelley N.C. Holl introduces readers to the state’s farmers, food artisans and traditions through beautifully drawn essays and sketches, and chef BJ Carpenter’s seasonally focused menus feature recipes that creatively exploit familiar, locally raised ingredients.
– Star Tribune’s #18 in “Taste 50″ – a roundup of tastemakers show why Minnesota can’t be beat when it comes to good things to eat. – Thursday, May 27, 2010

Essays about the food adventures experienced as the two Twin Cities authors, Shelley Holl and B.J. Carpenter, traveled around Minnesota are written by author Holl. Her beautiful jewel-colored illustrations are some of the eye treats in the book. Down-to-earth recipes developed by Carpenter, a professionally trained chef, tempt the palate…Authors Carpenter and Holl have created a book that is much more than a collection of recipes. It is a celebration, essay-style, of Minnesotans who have raised or produced food with their own hands in a loving and caring way.
– Internet blog site: buildchickencoop – September 6, 2010

Full market basket, check. Overflowing CSA share, check. Hideously prolific garden, CHECK WITH THE ZUCCHINI ALREADY! Yes, this time of year is chock-full of local goodness. So much so, at times, that you might just move from happily local-foods-rich to utterly overwhelmed. Fear not, The Minnesota Table: Recipes for Savoring Local Food Throughout the Year is here to help. Author Shelley N.C. Holl and chef/recipe creator B.J. Carpenter have culled out some of the most delicious tips, tricks, stories and concoctions imaginable.
-Internet blog site: simplegoodandtasty – August 25, 2010

Indeed, although it is called The Minnesota Table and the people, places and many of the foods described within are particular to the region, the book’s themes serve as an example of the many ways that eating locally can be achieved, regardless of season or geography.
– Internet blog site: tanglednoodle – July 13, 2010

Demonstrating Rutabaga Malt – Post Cards – Images from Western Minnesota -Pioneer Public Television

Just got my ordered copies of The Minnesota Table and I was blown away. Firstly by the unique storyboard about Buffalo Gal and your visit. Then I sat down and read through the entire book. I found it ‘can’t put it down’ compelling. The fluidity of the stories and content within – always with a whimsical twist – I just loved the whole book.
– Valerie, Buffalo Gal – May, 2010